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visca ☮ barça
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prince gerard of the nou camp
there are a couple things in life that give me super amouts of joy such as, but not limited to: soccer, friends, eating, college, snow, fall, summertime, beach, traveling, hot chocolate, macaroni and cheese, cheese fries, lobster rolls, family, love and other inspirational quotes, nicholas sparks novels, fc barcelona, liverpool fc, new york red bulls, la furia roja, usmnt, stuart holden, gerard pique, fernando torres, cristiano ronaldo, juan pablo angel, steven gerrard, glee, dianna agron, mark salling, puck/quinn (quick), supernatural, jensen ackles, taylor lautner, sophia bush, selena gomez.

cristiano-ronaldo-is-sexy-as-fuq, el-nino-equals-fernando-torres, empire-state-of-red-bulls-ny, feeling-a-little-gleeful, gerard-piqué-is-the-man, soccer-runs-my-life, taylor-lautner-can-imprint-me-anyday